How to Transfer Songs to PSP

Now that you’ve downloaded your selected PSP songs to your computer, it’s now time to transfer your songs to PlayStation Portable.
This is quite a simple process, but if this is your first time it becomes second nature after you’ve completed this process a couple of times.

1 – Insert the appropriate memory stick into m/s slot on PSP. If using a new memory stick, this will have to be formatted before use.Your entire music collection will not fit on a single memory stick.

2 – Turn your PSP “ON”.

3 – You now need a USB cable that has a mini B connection on one end. Insert the mini B connection into PSP and the other end into your computers USB port.

4 – On the home menu of your PSP scroll to the “Settings” icon.

5 – You need to locate the “USB connection” in the settings menu.Select “USB connection” by pressing the X button.
Your system should now display “USB mode“. Your computer will recognize this as a “USB storage device”.

6 – You need to create a folder called “PSP” on your memory stick ( if one does not already exist ).

7 – Inside the PSP folder create a folder called “MUSIC“.

8 – Select the files you want to transfer, this is done by dragging and dropping the files into the ” MUSIC ” folder.This is the same as saving files in another folder on your computer.

9 – After you have completed the process above. Disconnect your PSP by first clicking “safely remove hardware” on the bottom menu bar on computer.
Then all you need to do is to unplug the USB cable, then press the circle button to return to the “Home” menu.

Now that you’ve read about how to transfer songs to PSP. It’s now your turn to transfer your songs. In a short time you will be listening to your favorite music.

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