How to Transfer Photos to PSP

Another amazing feature the PlayStation Portable possesses is the fact that it allows the user to transfer pictures to PSP. Weather it’s pictures taken whilst on vacation, pictures of new friends, family, baby photos, pets or a stunning sunset, you can transfer these pictures from your PC and view them in color on PSP. If you are a keen photographer it may be a great idea to dedicate a memory stick solely for your photographs.

By following these steps you will learn how to transfer your favorite photographs to your PSP.

1 – Before turning your PlayStation Portable on, insert an appropriately sized memory stick into the m/s slot.*If using a new memory stick you have to format it before use*.

2 – Turn your portable power switch to “ON“.

3 – If your memory stick is formatted go to step 4.
In the “System Setting” section on your PSP, scroll down to “Format Memory Stick” and press the “X” button. Then confirm that you want to format memory stick. Create the necessary folders you need, one must be named “Photo“.

4 – You now need to connect your USB cable.Connect the mini “B” to your PSP and the other connection to your computer.

5 – Scroll to the “Settings” icon on the home menu of your PSP.

6 – Locate the “USB Connection” in the settings menu.Select the “USB Connection” by pressing the “X” button.Your device should now be displaying “USB Mode”. Your computer will recognize this as a USB storage device.

7 – Open “My Computer” on your computers desk top. Double click on the “Removable Drive” icon, then on the PSP folder.You will now see the folder created when formatting the memory stick. Open the “Photo” folder by double clicking upon it with your mouse.

8 – Select the photos you wish to transfer to the photo folder on PSP.Simply drag, drop and save your selected photos to the “Photo Folder“.This is the same as saving files in another folder on your computer.

9 – Once you’ve completed transferring your favorite photos, disconnect your PSP by first clicking “Safely Remove Hardware” on the bottom menu bar of your computer. Then unplug your USB cable, then press the circle button on your portable to return to the home menu.

Please Note: If your PSP has a firmware version of 2 or higher,you can view these compatible image file types bmp, gif, png, jpeg or tiff.
If your firmware version is 1.5 you can only view jpeg image files.