How to Put Games on PSP

By following these simple steps, you will soon learn how to transfer your downloaded games for PSP to a memory stick. Now that you have selected your game downloads for PSP, it’s time to transfer them to your memory stick. Please take into consideration that game files are quite large. Games vary greatly in size ranging between 90mb – 1.5gb depending on the game, but can be larger. You will have to use an appropriately sized memory stick.

*1 – Insert the appropriate memory stick into m/s slot on your PSP. Remembering game files are large.

*2 – Connect your PSP to a USB cable. You must use a USB cable with a mini B connection on one end, this connects to the portable. Connect the other end to your computer.

*3 – Turn your PSP on.

*4 – You now need to find “USB connection” in the “Settings” menu. This is done by pressing the “Home” button. By using the left arrow button, move to the “Settings” column. Then move down to “USB Connection” and press the “X” button. Your system will now connect to your device. Your device should now display “USB mode”.
Your computer will now recognize your PlayStation portable as a detachable memory (similar to USB drive). If you’re using a “mac” computer, your system will recognize this as a “removable disk”.

*5 – You need to create a folder named “PSP” on your memory stick  (if one does not already exist).

*6 – Inside the PSP folder create a file called “GAMES”.

*7 – Select the game file(s) you want to transfer. This is done by dragging and dropping your chosen file(s) into the “GAMES” folder.

*8 – Once the transfer is complete. You need to safely remove the USB connection . This is done by closing the “USB connection” on your PSP. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your PlayStation portable and computer.

*9 – On your PSP go to the main menu > scroll to “Games” > select m/s option and a list of available games will be displayed.

Since you now know how to transfer downloaded games for PSP to memory stick. It’s time for you to transfer your game(s). Remember if it’s your first time transferring games, the process is easy once you’ve done the transferring process a few times. You now know how to put games on PSP. Enjoy.