How to Format a PSP Memory Stick

Learn the simple process of  how to format a PSP memory stick. Create the necessary folders needed to store your favorite downloads.
If you have just purchased a new memory stick for PSP. Before storing any data upon it, you must first format it. Doing so creates the necessary folders you require for storing and viewing files that you transfer to your memory stick.

Or if you want to reformat an existing memory stick that you have already stored data upon, make sure that you make a back up copy of any existing files that you wish to retain.
Reformatting an existing memory stick will give you a completely empty and formatted memory stick ready to be used in your system.

Formatting a PSP memory stick is quite a simple process, and becomes easier when you have done the process a few times.

1 – Turn your PSP “On” and insert the memory stick that you wish to format.

2 – Press the “Home” button, which is located at the bottom left hand side of your PSP.

3 – Continue to press the left arrow button, until you reach the “Settings” column.

4 – Continue to press the down arrow button until you reach the “System Settings” icon. Then press the “X” button to select.

5 – Continue to press the down arrow button until you reach “Format Memory Stick”. Then press the “X” button to select.

6 – Your PSP will now want you to confirm that you want to format the memory stick. Highlight “YES” and press “YES”.

This process only takes 5 – 10 seconds.You will have an empty and reformatted memory stick for your PSP.