How to Clean the PSP Screen

Particular attention and detail should be observed when it comes to the cleaning of the PSP screen. Doing so will guarantee the user optimal picture quality and viewing pleasure.

As the surface of the LCD screen is particularly smooth and shiny finger prints, dirt, grime, lint or any other foreign matter are quite visual to the naked eye on the LCD display itself. Any of these can spoil or become quite annoying when you’re enjoying your favorite game, video or movie on your PlayStation Portable.

There have been many different theories over the years on how to clean the psp screen, some good and some that could potentially damage the screen or ultimately wreck your system. Personally I would avoid the application of or use of any harsh detergent or chemical onto the display panel of the PSP.The use of these may actually remove button markings, logo or damage the casing or the screen protector. Under no circumstances should any detergent or water be applied directly onto your device, as any excess fluid may make it’s way into your systems delicate electronics causing system ¬†failure.

What sort of cloth should be used: The ideal cloth to use is the cloth that originally came with your system when first purchased. If you need a replacement, you will need a micro fiber cloth.These can be brought from your local optometrist, eye care outlet or alternatively brought as part of a cleaning kit.

Cleaning: The first method that I’m going to mention on how to clean the PSP screen may sound odd, but is an old and trusted method many people still use today. This is done by using your hot breathe to fog up the LCD screen, then use your micro fiber cloth to dry. When you hold the system up to bright light, if any streaks remain simply repeat the process until you get the desired result.

The use of water: If you use water, never at any time should you apply it directly onto the screen. Water should only be applied to slightly dampen a corner of your cloth. Wipe over and dry the screen with the remaining dry area of the cloth. I am not sure if this is true but I thought that I’d mention it. It is said that the use of ordinary tap water leaves streaks, but the use of distilled water does not?.

The use of Tissues: There are many brands of soft tissues, but make sure they are free of any additives (such as hand softeners, lotions, aloe-verra ).If they contain any of these they are likely to leave a fine film over the screen. After repeated attempts of trying to remove the fine film, visibility may be still be blurry. Beware some tissues are very coarse and should be avoided at all cost. Using such tissues may do more harm than good by leaving multiple fine scratches on your screen.

Important: Please note: When cleaning the PSP screen be extremely careful not to apply heavy pressure directly upon the screen. Doing so may cause the screen to crack. If the screen cracks even though it may have happened accidental, it is more than likely not to be covered by warranty. The use of PSP screen protectors will help in the protection against scratching of the PSP LCD screen.