Emergency AA Battery Chargers for the PSP

Emergency AA chargers for PSP and external battery packs are an ideal vacation or travel power recharging solution. There will always be instances when the PSP gaming enthusiast or other platform users, have no ready access to a power supply to recharge their portable device. These devices will provide that much needed power boost, when holidaying, while on the road or when your mobile (device) runs low on power.

There are a variety of quality devices available, these come in the form of emergency AA chargers and emergency power packs for PSP. One is powered by AA batteries and the other is a rechargeable external power pack. The first products we will look at is the Gomadic range.

Emergency AA Battery Extender for PSP, by Gomadic.

Emergency AA Battery Extender for PSP 2000PSP Battery Extender

  • The Gomadic emergency AA battery charger for the PlayStation portable is a versatile lightweight portable device,that utilizes the use of 4 standard alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries.
  • This product will provide enough power to recharge your device 2 – 3 times dependent on batteries used and usage.
  • These Gomadic range of battery extenders contain advanced circuitry, protecting your device from power surges and over charging while in use.
  • This range of Gomadic battery extenders are backed by a full lifetime warranty .
  • Note – There is a different model available for the PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and Go.

External Battery Packs and Chargers,by New Trent 

The New Trent range of rechargeable external battery packs and chargers are compatible with use on the PSP and many other mobile devices, including the Nintendo, iPad, Kindle, HTC Android phones and many more. As this range is priced higher, it has an outstanding performance rating and the customer reviews are glowing.

5000mAh external battery pack8900mAh external battery pack

  • The range of New Trent external battery packs come in various capacities these include 5000mAh, 6600mAh, 8900mAh and 11000mAh .
  • Will charge your devices multiple times.
  • The 8900mAh and 11000mAh models are charged by an AC charger that is supplied.
  • The 5000mAh and 6600mAh models are charged via a USB and mini USB adapter (supplied). These models can be charged via a USB AC wall charger, but has to be brought separately.

There are quite a few other brands of emergency AA battery chargers for PSP and external battery packs for PSP and other mobile devices available. Before making a decision, please be sure to read the customer reviews on the specific product. Some brands do not meet expectations and others have a low battery mAh rating.