Can the PSP Go or PS Vita Battery be Changed

PSP Go Internal BatteryUnfortunately the owners of the PSP Go and the new PS Vita ( due to be released later this year ) ┬ácan not change the battery on these models themselves.The Go and Vita have been designed with internal / embedded rechargeable Lithium – Ion batteries, making them unserviceable to the user.The PS Vita has been designed with a rear touch pad,any attempt to open the device could potentially “brick” the system.

Sony has introduced the use of internal batteries on the PSP Go and PS Vita systems, in an attempt to prevent the rampant piracy they have encountered on previous models.This they hope will prevent hackers from installing unauthorized firmware,that allows users to download free games from torrent sites.

If the PSP Go or PS Vita consumer attempt to change the internal battery, this would void the OEM warranty and render the system unserviceable by SCEA. The systems come with a 12 month OEM warranty any battery problems encountered within this period,should be covered.

When the PSP Go or PS Vita battery has to be changed outside of the 12 month warranty,it is not CHEAP.Just to give you an idea,there will be a $69 service fee (estimate) ??.This fee includes battery and shipping to and from the Sony service facility.